Monday, October 27, 2008

Caribbean Jerk Burgers

Mr.W always like a hamburger for dinner, and tonight was no different. I, on the other hand, need to make them a bit more interesting--tantalize the tastebuds, if you will.


No, not him! That spicy Jamaican/Caribbean blend of seasonings that I love so. I learned to love it in Key West at PT's Bar and Grill. They served the best jerk wings that left you licking your fingers and sweet-and-spicy lips for hours afterward.

I have a gorgeous dry jerk seasoning blend that sprinkles onto just about anything (and contains no sugar). Today I put it on my hamburgers before frying. Just before they were finished, I dolloped a bit of seedless raspberry all-fruit preserves onto the meat before adding a slice of white american cheese to melt.

I dressed the bun with a little lime-spiked mayo, then the patty. The piece de resistance was a few slices of fried plantain. It was one yummy sandwich!

The sandwich was paired with some sweet potato fries. Oh, so worth the extra carbs!

Other jerk dishes you might enjoy:

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Sam said...

I love Jerk anything! We have a big Caribbean carnival here every summer, all the jerk you can eat!

Is that plantain on the burgers?

Amanda said...

Me, too, Sam. Except maybe goat--not a fan of that.

Plantain it is! This one was so ripe that it fried up beautifully (in butter, of course) without adding any sugar. They're so unbelievably cheap to buy locally--most people don't know what to do with them, so they're available 3/$1. I let them sit out until they're entirely black. So good!

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