Friday, October 24, 2008

Braised Cabbage

I tried something new today.

I've never cooked cabbage in the oven before; encouraged by The Amateur Gourmet, however, I gave it a try.

I had to stop myself from eating the whole pan. The cabbage became caramelized and sweet--really much better than boiled! I'll definitely be adding this to my repertoire--next time, served with corned beef.

You can find the original procedure here; the only thing I did differently was:

- generously buttered my baking dish
- used baby-cut carrots because they were in the fridge
- instead of red pepper flake, I used a generous sprinkle of granulated garlic


Sam said...

Looks good! I don't really like boiled cabbage, I prefer to stir fry it with butter or olive oil. Next time I'll try this.

Amanda said...

Hi, Sam. I also like it fried in butter (or even better--bacon grease), which is yummy. This is truly something else--I think you'll like it.

Mary said...

Cabbage fried in bacon grease is definitely the best, but this looks really super good too!

Amanda said...

Hi, Mary.

I might go so far as to say I think this cabbage tastes better than fried in bacon grease. It was certainly a surprise to me!

Kathy said...

This looks delicious -- I'll have to try it soon!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Kathy. I can't talk this up enough--this one is a winner, for sure.

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