Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Do: Frankburgers

In these economic times, it's important to me and my family to make do. And with some lovely hamburgers ready for the frypan but no hamburger buns or even bread in the house, hotdog buns were a ready stand-in.

(Apologies for the horrid photo; it's been raining a lot of late, and good natural light is fleeting.)

After the initial shock, Mr.W happily gobbled his hamburger-in-a-frankfurter-bun, and dubbed them "frankburgers." And frankburgers they are.

I ate mine slathered with some mayonnaise and a couple of slices of red bell pepper (capiscum), with some potato chips and a couple of delicious sugar plums from the farmer's stand.

I also found that without the traditional hamburger bun, we consumed less meat--the hot dog bun accommodated less than one hamburger patty, so for two I used only about 1-1/2 hamburger patties. Thus, three hamburger patties (instead of the usual four) fed the two of us to near bursting--another nod to economy.

Did you see my giveaway? Deadline is this Friday, August 1st!

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