Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blackberry Beef Salad and a Giveaway

I realize that the idea of bbq beef on a green salad with fruit and a sweet dressing may sound a little odd, but it was refreshing--even Mr.W ate it with gusto (after a few tentative first nibbles).

I tossed together curly endive and baby spinach leaves along with a couple of sliced tomatoes and half a cubed cucumber and set that aside. Beef strips were quickly pan-fried and tossed with some All Purpose Sauce.

I have to take a moment to talk about this sauce. The lovely people at Country Bob's approached me and sent me two bottles to try, and it's delicious. I've been enjoying this tangy, spicy-sweet sauce on chicken, pork, beef and even shrimp. The product website has a number of yummy-looking recipe ideas (basically use it anywhere you would use ketchup), but I can't get past just drizzling it on whatever protein I'm enjoying. It's that good.

But I digress. Back to the salad.

As I said, I pan-fried the beef and then drizzled it with all-purpose sauce. You could use your favorite bbq sauce or desired seasoning on the beef--whatever your heart desires is fine. I let it cook in so that it was not overly wet, but a little sticky with the sauce. After it cooled a bit I sprinkled it over my salad, followed by a handful of fresh, sweet blackberries a friend gave me.

For the dressing. I wanted something sweet to balance the tanginess of the beef, so I mixed equal amounts of no sugar added seedless blackberry jelly, white balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and whisked it together with a wee bit of salt and pepper. Drizzled over the salad, it was a real treat for a hot, hot day.

There's just something about a salad with meat on it, don't you think?

Now for the giveaway. While I could easily gobble up all of this sauce by myself, I find that the best way to truly enjoy something is to share it. So I'm going to send one bottle of this same, very yummylicious Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce to a U.S.-based (apologies to my international friends!) commenter to this post who (a) says they want it, and (b) tells me why they want to try it. I will narrow down the most compelling comments and then randomly choose among them using the randomizer. The deadline to leave your comment is Friday, August 1, 2008.


Mary said...

I LOVE the all purpose sauce! (Don't send me any. Send it to someone who hasn't experienced it yet.) And I also happen to love blackberries. I will have to give your salad a whirl.
My favorite way to use the sauce is to mix it into my ground meat when making hamburgers. It adds a great zing!

sphinx63 said...

a. I want it! lol

b. I want to try it in my hamburgers, because they always seem so boring. Would also like to try it on chicken strips, maybe marinate them in it and then cook them on the grill. Okay, now I'm hungry. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Mary, that sounds delish. I'll have to try it in burgers!

Ellieut said...

I had never heard of All Purpose Sauce until your blog. I clicked on the link and then put in my location zip to find a store near me and got back this message: There are no stores within 100 miles of your area. What? No stores in my area? How can they deprive us like that???? I must try this, it sounds wonderful! So what would I do with it? Hmmm, rare (almost mooing) steak...of course I will have to try your salad (I just love black raspberries!) oh and how about on a nice slow cooked brisket? The possibilities are endless. I will even blog about it with a link to them and to you :)

Michele said...

I want the sauce because I love anything with the word "country" in it, and because I need something to help me work on my crockpot skills. Recently I made pulled pork with a pork butt, a bottle of bbq sauce and a cup of Coca-Cola, but then I was scared that it would dry out while I was out shopping so I put another cup of water in there, too. I ended up with wet boiled pork that I had to drain in a colander :(

Also, I need something to tide me over until I leave for Georgia in a few weeks :)

Amanda said...

Thank you, Sphinx, Ellieut and Michele for entering for this giveaway! Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

I assigned each of you a numeric value (Sphinx = 1, Ellieut = 2, Michele = 3), and used randomizer.org to select the winning number.

And the winner is...

Michele! (Also announced here)

Michele, please email me at mrswskitchen (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address and I'll get your package out to you.

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