Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 4th: U.S. Independence Day

I realize I'm a bit early, but for those of you planning your own 4th-of-July fete, I thought I'd talk about this upcoming holiday now.

July 4th is a federal holiday here in the United States, and with perfect weather predicted for my area, we're having a cook-out. It's our 2nd Annual Redneck Party.

As many of you already know, my husband is a southerner born & bred, and we lived in the rural outskirts of Atlanta for several years before moving here to Central New York. So although I'm thoroughly Yankee, I do love the South and everything it embodies.

Last year I threw the first Redneck bash to celebrate Mr.W's birthday, and it was such a success we're making it an annual event. I can't give away too many details just yet, but I do promise to post about the party after it's said and done.
But we can talk about cookout food.

Here at Chez W we'll be having a weenie roast--bbq'd hotdogs, assorted chips, brunswick stew, moon pie puddin', and fresh watermelon slices.

What are you having?

Below are links to a number of cookout-friendly foods that you might consider for your 4th of July celebration.


Pink lemonade, anyone?

What's a party without devilled eggs? Here are several variations.

A cheese ball is a fun appetizer any time of year, though you might want to keep this one indoors.

Here's an easy white bean dip/spread recipe that promises to be a rival for your best hummus.

Grilled Chicken with Nectarine Salsa is a perfect outdoor meal.

In the mood for lamb? These little lamb chops done on the grill with vidalia onions are super-yummy and just right for impressing your dinner guests. Serve with a greek salad and some rice. Or give your lamb supper a middle eastern flair by serving kofte kebabs with a cold lentil salad. Pictured are appetizer portions, but these are easily done meal-sized by wrapping the meat mixture around pre-soaked wooden skewers.

If burgers are more your style, try these burgers with italian greens for a change. They'll get lots of antioxidants into even the pickiest eaters.

These pesto avocado portoburgers will have your vegetarian friends and family visiting more often!

Prefer to go Greek? Try this pork souvlaki recipe--it's easily done on the grill! Or how about these grilled chicken, red onion and mint skewers with greek salad?

Of course we can't forget side dishes. Try this vinegar slaw (contains no mayo) that's just right for an outdoor party (scroll down for the recipe).

This Chef's Pasta Salad looks delicious, and who doesn't love a new twist on an old favorite?

No cookout is complete without baked beans.

This cucumber melon salad is an unusual, but refreshing side.

How about some peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream?

Grilled fruit is a simple and elegant way to end an alfresco meal.

This marshmallow walnut chocolate ice cream is a winner--be sure to use this to bribe your kids to do the dishes for you!

Summer canteloupe cupcakes promise to have your guests sighing with delight.

Panna cotta with balsamic strawberries is a delightful summertime dessert.


marye said...

Moon Pie pudding?
O.k.Amanda, DO TELL!

Amanda said...

Okay, okay. You forced it out of me. It's nothing too scientific--in fact, I should be embarassed to mention it on a food blog. But it is for a redneck party, after all.

It's just banana pudding--the kind printed on the vanilla wafer box--but instead of using those cookies, you use cut-up moon pies.

There. My secret is revealed.

Mary said...

Wow, moon pie pudding sounds pretty tasty! Thanks for the links and the awards by the way! I love the idea of having a redneck party!

Amanda said...

Well thank you, Mary. My pleasure to link & award you--it's well deserved.

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