Monday, July 28, 2008

Hooray for Figs!

T.G.I.M. (Thank God it's Monday)

Oh, if you only knew. Mr.W was off all last week for a "staycation."

Those of you who are retired may understand the dilemma from which I'm only now beginning to emerge. He was home. Everywhere I turned, there he was.

All. The. Time.

My routine was destroyed. I was utterly discombobulated.

I do enjoy my husband's company, mind you. I also enjoy a bit of solitude--that breath, that "me" time. You just can't be in someone's pocket every minute of the day. At least I can't--it makes me grumpy.

Mr.W thinks I'm a grump. And I guess I am, at least when there's someone following me around for a week.

Friday I tried to dash away to the farmer's market in peace, but my attempts were foiled. Mr.W wanted to go, too. And so we went--and found a treasure. Figs.

Here in New York state figs are almost always imported (these were California green figs, or calimyrna figs), and the season is super-short. Locally-grown figs must be in potted trees that are greenhoused (is that a word?) over the winter. Most growers can't afford to buy enough trees to actually sell some.

I never had a fresh fig before Friday. The kind gentleman at the market gave me one for free to try out-of-hand. I wasn't sure if I quite liked it (I've never been much for fuzzy skin on edibles), but I didn't dislike it, either. So I bought some.

Now in my city, every year there is a free symphony concert on a local park lawn. The concert was scheduled for Saturday night, and I thought these figs might be a sophisticated snack to enjoy while listening to the lovely music and visiting with friends and family.

I need other people when Mr.W is on staycation.

It was not to be. We were chased back indoors by thunderstorms and hail.

So my brother and his wife came over with a DVD and we enjoyed snacks together at home, including these lovely figs.

I sliced them thin, dolloped with mascarpone cheese, drizzled with agave nectar and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts.


We also tried them with clover honey, but they weren't as good. My brother also suggested prosciutto in lieu of the nuts-and-nectar, which I'll definitely try soon.

Meanwhile, I think I'll have more of these to celebrate Mr.W's return to work today.

Don't forget my giveaway--deadline is this Friday, August 1st!


Sam said...

I discovered figs for the first time last year, I loved them but we have a very short season here too. Out of season they are incredibly expensive and they're tiny so I don't bother. This year i'm planning on trying them baked with honey and maybe almonds.

Amanda said...

Oh, I bet that will be lovely, Sam. I'm enjoying these little babies so much just sliced raw that I'm a bit hesitant to cook them (especially in this heat). No doubt they'll be delish--roasted and baked figs are all over epicurious so I know they must be great.

Gloria said...

Amanda these look absolutely yummy!!! xxGloria (I love figs too)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Gloria. Every time I think of them I want more. Too bad I only bought four! I'll definitely get more if they have them this Friday at the market again (ours is only once a week).

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