Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Jam Tart

Sometimes you run across a recipe that you just KNOW will become one of your favorites in the kitchen.

This is just one of those recipes.

David Lebovitz recently blogged about this jam tart. The no-roll crust is what caught my fancy--you just press it in. Perfect!

I won't reiterate the recipe--visit the original here. I will discuss what I did differently:

- I used sugar-substitute in the crust recipe.

- I omitted the chilling step for the base crust (but did chill the dough roll for the top while I was pressing in the base).

- I also omitted the raw sugar on top (because I don't have a substitute for that, though I suppose I could have used brown sugar sub).

- I used one whole jar of no-sugar-added all-fruit style seedless blackberry jam, combined with about 1/4 cup of no-sugar-added ginger-orange marmalade.*

- Not having a proper tart pan, I used a 12-inch springform pan with good results, though I failed to make a "rim" out of the bottom crust. It worked out anyway, but I felt the bottom crust was too thick, and I should have made it thinner while creating a side crust rim.

- I should have kept out a bit more dough for the topping, because what I did have didn't cover the topping completely. It was good regardless, as the jam stayed put beautifully.

- It was baked in a preheated 350*F oven for about 30 minutes.

Try this one--you'll love it.

*Note: Even though no-sugar-added jams and jellies are marketed for diabetics, one should use caution. They are sweetened with natural fruit juices and you will experience a blood sugar reaction; these treats should be eaten in moderation.


Mary said...

What a pretty tart! It looks delicious!

Lulu said...

Hi Mrs. W! Long time no see! It's so hard to keep up with everyone these days.

Mmm..a tart. What's not to love?

Amanda said...

Thanks, Mary. It is pretty... I'm quite pleased with it!

Lulu, girl--how are you doing? It's a bit hard to keep in touch this summer it seems!

marye said...

you did an amazing job on it Amanda!!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Marye. It really was delish, and one recipe served many; a thin sliver was just right.

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