Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

For me, Earth Day is more about devotion--a special remembrance to my Creator who formed the planet. And it's a poignant reminder to be a good steward of all the things that have been entrusted to my care, including the land.

To celebrate the day, I decided it was a good time to start my seeds. I headed outside first thing this morning to do the job. I'd rather spill dirt outside, after all! Besides, the sun was shining, the rain has gone, and I assumed that meant the weather would be relatively warm.

Though it turned out to be chillier than I had expected outside, I pressed onward. This year I'm hoping to build a small vegetable garden outside, along with a hanging herb planter indoors at my sunny kitchen window. In order for it to be there, it has to hang and not sit on the shelves currently there. My attempt at herbs last year failed miserably because of one and one thing only: Thundercat. After all, how can a kitty resist a pot of dirt just sitting there, waiting for her paws?

It took a bit of time, but with my trusty bag o' dirt, a paper egg carton, a spoon and chopstick, a small basil plant given me by my bank (an Earth Day gift--how nice!), and several seed envelopes, I got to work.

I planted watermelon, bell pepper and pumpkin seeds in a paper egg carton rescued from the recycle bin.

I also used a coconut-lined hanging basket to hold my small basil plant in the center, surrounded by garlic chives, dill and sage.

Both containers are now safely ensconsed indoors, away from the crazy weather we're still having... one day lots of sun and warmth, the next day dipping around freezing temps with gusty wind and rain. Here they are in my dining room next to a sunny window until (a) Mr.W puts a good hook up at my kitchen window for the herb pot and (b) it's nice enough outdoors to put the egg carton out.

Now I just have to keep Thundercat away.

Happy Earth Day to all!
How are you celebrating the day?


Dragon said...

I would love to grow my own watermelon. :) Great job.

graywolff said...

--growing my own tomatoes (wish I could remember how to post a pic)

Amanda said...

Hiya, Dragon! This will be my first try at all but the herbs. I thought watermelon and pumpkins, especially, would be interesting & fun to grow! Both are the smaller varieties, so hopefully I'll have some success there.

@Graywolff--I will definitely include tomatoes in this year's garden, though probably cherry or grape varieties. I'll buy them as small plants, though, from the nursery instead of starting from seed. I grew them easily when I lived in Key West, but that was no-brainer--plant, water, pick. They grew all winter long!

Sam said...

I love growing my own stuff, this I've got chives, tomatoes, chillies, carrots and basil on the go.

I hope yours turn out well this time, if you can keep the cat away!

Amanda said...

Me, too, Sam! Let's keep our fingers crossed together.

I'd love to see photos of your garden when the time is right!

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