Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Planting Herbs I

I've been wanting to start an indoor herb garden for quite some time. I even have seed packets and potting soil, just waiting to be used. Today we finally got down to business!

The cast of characters: Italian parsley (flat-leaf, pre-soaked in the recycled jar), cilantro and basil.

A simple dollar-store round planter, with drain holes popped out of the bottom, and rocks set inside for drainage. And the toe of Mr.W's right shoe.

My husband is so helpful. I didn't really have to do anything. He even washed all the rocks individually.

So my bowl of herb seeds is going to a sunny window location in the house. Hopefully I'll have some seedlings in a few weeks!


Andy said...

I am going to try to grow some herbs this summer too (along with garlic and onions). Buying fresh herbs just seems like such a waste considering how expensive they are and you usually get way more than you need.

Do you know if you can grow any indoors during the winter?

Amanda said...

I don't know if I'm quite the right person to give that advice, Andy. I seem to be green-thumb-challenged, so growing stuff is always a risk for me! :)

That said, it seems plausible that as long as you have a temperature-controlled environment (like a sunny windowsill or a warm-ish spot with a grow light) you should be able to grow herbs--and maybe even small veg like cherry tomatoes--indoors year-round.

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