Monday, April 28, 2008

Sweet Potato Butter

Oh, what a lovely weekend we had here in Central New York! Lots of sunshine and warm breezes were fantastic excuses to spend time outdoors. I even got a wee little sunburn on my nose.

Yesterday my sister-in-law and I drove out to North Star Orchards in Westmorland, NY. (Yay, they're open again after a long winter!) I just love to go there, and although they are not yet packed with their usual seasonal bounty, it was fun to look at their lovely plants. They have a great selection of herb and veg starters, too! What great variety--I saw chocolate mint, pineapple sage and stevia!

Unfortunately they didn't have their medjool dates out yet. :( I'll have to be patient, I guess.

I did buy something that fascinates me, though: a jar of Sweet Potato Butter by Jake & Amos straight from Pennsylvania's Amish country. Sweetened only with fruit juices, I couldn't resist buying this product for a little taste-test.

The verdict: at the same time very similar to and very different from apple butter; certainly has more body; sweet but not too much so, smooth and creamy. It's really quite delicious! I can imagine it spread on waffles, toast, pancakes, muffins, scones, on crackers with cream cheese, dolloped onto vanilla ice cream, and even baked into coffee cakes or streusel. What a fun find!

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