Friday, January 2, 2009

Evil Genius: The Grilled Cheese Hamburger


Before you start your diets (according to your 2009 resolutions or goals), you have to try this. Or declare this a special cheat day, or your birthday, or your dog's birthday. Because it is so good... so, so, so, so VERY good.

Some Evil Genius at the Mossy Creek Cafe in Fishersville, Virginia created this monstrosity. A Hamburger Today reported about it. Then Serious Eats covered it.

I couldn't deny Mr.W this one, folks, and oh how glad he is!

Call it a Chubby Melt, Fatty Melt or just plain Grilled Cheese Hamburger, you can surely call this thing Outstanding. As in your diet will be out standing in the cold once you've tried this baby.

Forget ketchup. Forget mayo. You don't need it. Just take two grilled cheese sandwiches...

...and one hamburger patty, cooked as desired. Or cheeseburger patty. But really, you don't need anything else...

...Now stack them all together: grilled cheese, hamburger, grilled cheese. Behold the grilled cheese hamburger!

Take a bite and swoon.


Mary said...

I have to say the concept sounds delicious and I'm sure my husband would love it. Fortunately for me, that sounds like a little bit too much sandwich for me. I'd gladly split one with you though!

Amanda said...

Hi, Mary! The few bites that I took of Mr.W's sandwiches (I made him 2 for supper one night) were actually not as much sandwich as you would think. I used thin-slice bread for the grilled cheese, and a quarter-pound hamburger patty from 85% ground beef, so it did shrink some.

Just thinking of a half-pound of meat on 2 sandwiches loaded with butter and cheese... people with any kind of heart disease probably should never eat one of these! (No wonder the diner calls it a chubby melt.)

Vanessa Cole said...

Yum! :-)

The holidays are over;
January is here.
Just stopping in
To wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Amanda said...

Hi, Vanessa--Happy New Year to you!

Kathy said...

Ohhhhh....Elvis would totally approve of this sandwich!

Amanda said...

But... there are no bananas...

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