Monday, January 5, 2009

BLT Salad

If you've been reading Mrs.W's Kitchen for any length of time, you know that for me, eating healthy means limiting those high glycemic-index carbs, almost completely avoiding bread, white rice and white potatoes, carefully selecting healthy carbohydrates in small amounts, and keeping an eye on fat and wheat consumption. (I need to get better at limiting wheat.)

I eat this way because of my own dietary needs--healthy eating for you might be completely different.

I also keep an eye on cost. Eating healthy, eating fresh, eating local isn't always possible when cost and other dietary issues are present. To each his own--I respect your eating preferences and values; I ask that you also respect mine.

Okay, on to the food. Here is a BLT salad that I concocted while having a big BLT sandwich craving. I didn't miss the bread at all. The bacon used was about 2 slices for the whole salad, which gave me the flavor I wanted without going overboard. The yellow tomatoes were delicious--and at this time of year, the same price as the red ones. They certainly added interest!

The creamy dressing is lite mayo thinned with a little bit of skim milk. It was just right!


Kathy said...

This is one of our go-to salads as well. We like it with a light blue cheese dressing. In fact, this is on the menu for a dinner later this week!

Amanda said...

Can I come over? Yum!

Sam said...

I love yellow tomatoes, I find they are nowhere near as acidic as the red ones, it's just a shame they are so hard to find.

Amanda said...

I like them, too, Sam. It's true, they are less acidic. I actually see yellow tomatoes here fairly regularly, though they're usually much more expensive than red ones.

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