Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sourdough Experiments: Day 3

We have wild yeast, people.

Oh, and he's an aggressive little fellow, too! Look at all those bubbles. The smell... oh, the smell is quite strong. According to everything I've read these are all good signs.

There is no hooch (liquid layer), but that's okay.

Today I added another 2T of AP flour and 2T pineapple puree. I've moved the monster into my microwave. It's getting cold here and we expect some snow, so I wanted to be sure to keep it in a warmish location.

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PetiteKitchen said...

Yay! Looking good. Keep feeding it and once it can double itself in about 8 hours or less, it's ready to bake with. I was able to bake on Day 7.

Amanda said...

I KNOW! I'm really quite excited about this. I never thought keeping a bubbly beast on the counter could be such fun.

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