Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Now is the time of year to find lovely green tomatoes at the farmer's market.

I suppose everyone has heard of fried green tomatoes. Classic diner fare and a southern delicacy, fried green tomatoes are tart and acidic, perhaps something of an acquired taste, and oh, so satisfying.

They're also really, really easy to make. You just slice up your tomato.

Then crack an egg with a splash of milk in a dish; put a few handfuls of cornmeal in another dish (I used a lid) with some salt and pepper. I find it's best to be conservative here--you can always make more of this stuff if you need it.

Some people salt and pepper the tomato slices directly--this is your call. Now here's the fun part. It's just like making fried chicken, really. You dip the tomato slices in the egg mixture, then into the cornmeal, patting the meal in to adhere.

Now fry in vegetable oil preheated to about 375*F. Don't mess with the slices too much, and try to flip only once.

Drain your fried tomato slices on paper towels and enjoy.

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