Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Didn't Mean to be Gone So Long

I really am sorry for my missing-in-action status over the last week. Somehow I became overwhelmed--from technical difficulties to helping a friend move out of her apartment combined with a flea problem has kept me away.

But the technical difficulties have been solved, my friend is moved and surrounded by boxes in her new home, and the dogs and cat have been flea bathed and dipped and the house bombed.

And now the cleanup has begun.

Dishes, dishes, dishes and more dishes. The pesticide boxes say you don't have to re-wash all your dishes that were in cupboards, but I'm not buying that one.

So the dishwasher is working overtime.

And I also have several boxes in my own house. My friend gave away all sorts of craft supplies that I snatched away for Sunday School use. She also passed along some great kitchen items. I got two very nice chafing dishes, a hand-crank pasta machine and some kind of dumpling press.

I am sorry for leaving you all. I hope you understand.

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