Saturday, December 29, 2007

Remembering 2007

Not only does this time of year cause me to think about the things I want to do in the next year, it also is a time of reflection.

What can I say about 2007?

  • I began this food blog, to chronicle my cooking experiments and share favorite recipes.
  • I met lots of online friends.
  • My friend M introduced me to two great area farmer's market stands, as well as a fabulous little independent organic market, all of which provided a number of awesome cooking ingredients.
  • We started a weekly ladies' luncheon in my home with a group of lovely Christian women.
  • Thundercat came into our lives.
  • I learned how to make Doro Wat.
  • We threw an awesome Redneck Bar-B-Que to celebrate my husband's birthday this summer.
  • I watched dear friends get married.

Ah, it has been a good year. 2008 promises to be even better!


katiez said...

A good year, indeed!
Happy 2008!

Watch Woman said...

Happy new year Mrs W.
I like your reflectiong for yr 2007.
Pray blessings for you for yr 2008


Mrs. W said...

Hello, katiez! Thanks for stopping by. Happy New Year!

Watch Woman, your prayers are very much appreciated. I hope you find many blessings in 2008!

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