Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well. Thanksgiving is over.

What a flurry of activity--two days of prepping and cooking numerous sides and condiments culminated in a quick inhale of all foods presented at 4:00 pm local time Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). It's quite anticlimactic, really. All the food comes out. Oohs and aahs. Grace. Dig in.

Then the mess. Which wasn't too terribly awful, since I did use paper plates and bowls.

After picking the turkey carcass I made a giant pot of broth. If you've never done this, you must try it next time you have a turkey. Just save all the skin, bones, cartilage, giblets (if you don't use them for something else) and other miscellaneous jiggly bits and throw it all in the biggest pot you have along with one or two onions cut in half and a few stalks of celery. Simmer it for a few hours and voila! Delicious broth for future soups and stews. Freeze it in 2-cup portions.

Mr.W is a sucker for black Friday shopping--especially Best Buy. But I just couldn't do it first thing (read: 3:30am!) in the morning. So I stayed home for a few more hours of rest.

But I did manage to go out for a drive out to Sherrill, NY to the Oneida Factory Outlet Store. Hubba, hubba! I got two boxes of tableware, each a service for four, and six assorted serving spoons from the mix-n-match bins, and it all only set me back $15! What a steal!

All in all, a great holiday!


Lulu said...

Okay - I'm going to say it again. You are so smart! I never would have thought to make turkey broth. Hmm...just another reason why I'm going to start reading your blog EVERY DAY!

Mrs. W said...

Well thanks! The broth was even easier than you think--I didn't even wash out my countertop turkey roaster, since it had all those delicious turkey juices! I just dumped all the carcass & bits back into the roaster, cut 2 onions in half (didn't even peel--the peel is good for color) and 2 celery stalks (I keep those in my freezer, too) and topped off with water. A little salt, too. I set it on 250*F and let it go for about 6 hours. Perfect!

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