Monday, August 6, 2007

Four Things

I found a lovely little meme that I couldn't resist. However know that I am not a tagger, so copy & post in your own blog only if you so desire.

'Four Things'

Four jobs you've had in your life:

1. teacher's aid in an american school overseas
2. secretary
3. violinist at a 19th-century reenactment tourist attraction
4. housekeeper

Four movies you could watch over and over:

1. So I Married an Axe Murderer
2. Ever After
3. 13 Going on 30
4. The Passion of the Christ

Four places you've lived:

1. Songtan City, South Korea
2. Key West, Florida, USA
3. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
4. Central New York, USA

Four websites you visit daily:


Four tv shows you love to watch:

1. Lost
2. Ugly Betty
3. Heroes
4. Anything on the Food Network

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Central NY Pizza & Buffalo Wings with celery & blue cheese dressing (they go together!)
2. Cuban Roast Pork with Yellow Rice, Black Beans and Plantains
3. Doro Wat!
4. Cannoli

Four albums you can't live without:

1. Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship by Various Artists

2. The Glory of His Presence (or any of his fabulous cds) by Terry MacAlmon
3. Above All Worship by Various Artists

4. iWorship: A Total Worship Experience by Various Artists

Four places you'd rather be:

1. Anywhere in Key West
2. Queen of Sheba Restaurant
3. Cape Town, South Africa
4. Geneva, Switzerland

So... now you know some trivia about me. Have a wonderful day!



Norm said...

Just a note to let you know it looks like they finally deleted the latest from that junkyard guy over at the msl bb.

Norm said...

I forgot to leave my addy.

Norm said...


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