Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanksgiving in July

Yesterday, as I perused the market, I found myself with a package of turkey breast cutlets on markdown. "I'd have to use them today," I thought.

I considered several different recipes, including a Hawaiian chicken burger I've been meaning to make quickly came to mind. In the end, though, considering Mr.W won out--after all, he should enjoy his supper.

Mr.W particularly loves turkey breast, so I made a quick version of Thanksgiving. Hey, people have Christmas in July--why not Thanksgiving?

I tore up about 6 slices leftover bread and mixed them with salt, pepper and poultry seasoning, sauteed onion, 1/2 cup chicken broth and a beaten egg. Gently shaped into patties and sauteed in olive oil, they became lovely single-serve stuffing rounds just right for the dinner plate.

The turkey cutlets were sauteed simply with salt and pepper until golden on both sides, then a splash of chicken broth for extra juiciness. The gravy was next, of course: a simple roux with chicken broth (combined with pan juices from the turkey cutlets) and a little milk made it thick and creamy. Baked sweet potatoes (made in the microwave) rounded out the meal, along with a tiny batch of cranberry compote made earlier in the day (1/2 pound frozen cranberries combined with 1 tablespoon lime juice, 1/2 cup water and about 1/4 cup sugar substitute, simmered until the berries popped open).

There's a reason why everyone loves Thanksgiving. It was delicious, and an unexpected treat for a weeknight.

Logistically, this was super-simple and super-fast to put together--and even better, there was very little cleanup (one small saucepan for the cranberries; everything else in a large frypan).


Mary said...

Wow that looks super yummy!

SarahKate said...

I love this! When I was living in Australia I would sometimes try to make a Thanksgiving meal... even though November is the middle of summer down there. One year, I was too hot and sweaty after cooking to even eat a bite!! But now, it's SO cold during my first "British Summer" that I would LOVE a proper roast turkey meal!

Grace said...

right, so now i'm craving thanksgiving food, specifically some cranberry compote. glorious meal, amanda, and one that we should all have more often!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Mary!

Thanks, SarahKate--I know what you mean about making Thanksgiving in hot weather. When I lived in Key West it seemed so strange to roast a turkey when it was 80 degrees outside. But we set up the Thanksgiving table out on the patio and ate outside. Somehow that made it all better!

Thank you, Grace--and you can do it! If you want to get fancy you could even roll up some butterflied breasts with stuffing and make roulades. Mmm, pretty.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Love it! Of course we can have Thanksgiving in July. We have hot-weather Thanksgivings in November too, here in California. I wish they would bring back Christmas in July. It has disappeared out here.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Joy!

I've never done Christmas in July myself, but see some bloggers who do it locally. I think it's great!

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