Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rainier Cherries for Mr.W

Yesterday was my dear husband's birthday. And do you know what he wanted above anything else?

Rainier Cherries.

These golden orbs are in season now; although they're more expensive than the more common Bing variety, I can find them at their most reasonable price now. In my humble opinion, these are the tastiest cherry ever--and Mr.W shares my opinion, which is why he chose this as his birthday gift.

Maybe he's a foodie-in-the-making after all.


Grace said...

well, i'm glad he's so easy to please! happy birthday to him, and tell him i think he has good taste. :)

Mr. W said...

Well thank you Grace! Luckily for us they were half the price they were last year.

InfertileNaomi said...

Your husband is an easy person to shop for!

Kathy said...

He has a lot of potential! :)

Sam said...

Your husband obviously has good taste, Rainier cherries are delicious!

That said I'm not sure they're what I'd want for my birthday!

Amanda said...

Grace--me, too; I told him to check here and he saw your good wishes!

Naomi--I agree, he is. At least around his birthday (the season for these cherries). Christmas is a whole other story! :)


Sam--really? No fruit as a birthday gift for you? Hehe... another friend gave him sugar plums, because she knows he loves them, too.

Y'all should understand that Mr.W is generally such a picky eater that him liking any fruit is pretty much a miracle. We encourage it as much as possible, as you can see!

Coffee and Vanilla said...

I love those cherries as well ;)

Amanda said...

Hi, Margot! I think everyone who has tried these little gems must love them... who wouldn't?

I recently saw a show that explained that maraschino cherries are made from this rainier variety. Seems a shame to me.

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