Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Herb Watch 2009

Remember the seeds I planted a few weeks ago?

The watermelon, bell pepper and pumpkin seeds are not yet sprouted, by my herb planter has lots of seedlings!

Mind you this container has had quite a go of it. I placed it outside during a warm, sunny stretch and some critter kept digging up the tiny basil plant in the center. The dirt got all mussed up and I had to re-arrange things at least three times to repair what the animal (or bird?) had destroyed.

It appears that it all survived anyway--we have seedlings! Even some of the sprouts are carrying the seed up with them into the air. What is that all about? Are those doomed, or is it normal? Are those growing upside-down?

Mr.W was kind enough to put in a ceiling hook next to my sunny kitchen window so these little fellers seem to be happy. I hope they'll live!

Any suggestions from you seasoned gardeners out there?

This is a scheduled post; I am unavailable from Tuesday, May 12 through Friday, May 15, but will respond to your comments and emails as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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