Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Whether it's out to dinner, a meal at home, a special gift, a photo, a card--whatever the day brings, may it be joyful.

This is a photo of me with my grandmother (left) and mother (right) from about 12 years ago--happy times! (Except for my hair. Not happy there.)

And just a little note from my regular readers: Part of our efforts to start our own family, I'm having a minor surgical procedure done on Tuesday and I'm not sure what my recovery rate will be. I have posts planned for the week, so content will continue--my response to comments and emails, however, might be delayed. Thanks, as always, for your continued readership, friendship and support.


Mary said...

Good Luck! I hope everything goes well!

Amanda said...

Thank you, Mary. Everything went well and I am recovering at home. Even thinking about going out for a mani/pedi today... seems like something pampering is in order today.

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