Monday, May 11, 2009

Chores Weekend

I've been busy as a bee! My spring cleaning is done and living room is re-arranged tidily. Is tidily a word?

Even though we're still having some cool/windy/rainy weather, there were spots of sunshine on Saturday that allowed us to get outside for a bit of fresh air. In between cleaning bouts, that is.

Since Thundercat is always trying to dash outside, I decided to put her on a leash and see if she'd behave.

She didn't. She fought it every step of the way.

The hubby mowed the lawn, too, which really needed to be cut.

Sunday of course was Mother's Day; we met up with my brother, sister-in-law, Mom and Grandmother at a favorite hot-dog joint for lunch. It's a place that we all love, and fortunately it wasn't very crowded--that's a winning combo in my book! (Why aren't hot dogs normal Mother's Day fare, anyway? My granny loooooves 'em!)

In the afternoon Mr.W and I got him all packed for a trip out-of-town. He left first thing this morning for a week in sunny southern Georgia! I'm so jealous! We got up at 3am this morning to get him ready and out the door... how I'm still awake I have no idea, but I just had to make sure y'all continue to be entertained with my mad writing skillz. I know you'd be lost without me. Lost, I tell you!

Obviously I'm pretty punchy. I get that way sometimes. Blame it on lack of sleep.


Kathy said...

Love the photos, but sorry you were up so early! For what it's worth, our cat also hates the whole leash and harness concept...

Amanda said...

Hehe, aren't cats a trip?

I jerry-rigged a harness from the leash in a figure-8 formation (neck & behind front legs) to be a more secure attachment and keep her from choking herself, which Thundercat tried very hard to do. Eventually she laid down in the grass, only to jump up and try to run away again.

She is a wicked beast!

But I do plan to try it several times. Maybe she'll settle to the idea when she discovers that (a) no, she's not getting away and (b) she can be outside with the leash or just stay inside.

graywolff said...

YIKES!! please take the leash of the cat-- the pooch neck and the kitty neck are not the same. You should always use a harness(the the type that goes around her thorax------she'll REALLY freak then!)

Amanda said...

Don't worry, graywolff. I actually rigged the leash into a harness--it was wound in a figure-8 behind her front legs so that it wouldn't choke her. I know it doesn't look that way in the photo--she was really fighting!

I think if she settles down and gets used to being outside thus I'll go ahead and invest in a proper harness--until then, I can't see spending $15 for something that will go unused.

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