Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The First Snow

It's the first snow of the season.

We're having a nor'easter here in Central New York state and it was just icky and rainy most of the day--until I actually went out, that is. I went to a friend's house this evening and when we left--SNOW! Wet, heavy snow atop wet fallen leaves. Slippery, slippery roads.

Mr.W also left this evening for a business conference in Cleveland--I hope, for his sake, it's warmer there! Alas, he took our laptop, complete with the recipe I was going to post for today. It will have to wait until another day. I know you understand.

So tell me. What do you like to cook / do on the first snow of the season?


Mary said...

I like soup. It doesn't matter which kind. Except I don't like potato soup. But any other kind works in snowy weather.

Amanda said...

Mmm, soup. Yes, Mary, you are so right. Soup is fantastic on cold, snowy days.

What is it about potato soup you don't like? Is it the thick puree, or just the flavor overall?

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