Monday, September 15, 2008

Ivan in NY, Geese, Thundercat, Flowers, and a Cookbook

Here in Central New York we had a bit of a reprieve from the cooler weather with an uncomfortably hot and humid weekend. Sunday night, however, brought the last of the Ivan weather system before it heads off into Canada with lots and lots of blustery wind that blew trash cans and tree limbs all over the neighborhood. A few folks here in town lost power, but all is certainly well compared to other parts of the US that continue to be devastated by hurricane damage.

Today I hear geese, which means they're on the move. Colder weather is coming before much longer.

With all the wind and bird activity around here, Thundercat is delighted.

In case you're wondering, that's her friend Calico Chicken next to her in the window.
After several hours of bird-watching this morning, now she's settled in for some mommy-watching.

I also want to show you a sweet gift I received last week. My friend Kathy sent these gorgeous irises. What a special treat!

These are the first fresh flowers I've had in the house since Thundercat came into our lives--and she was fascinated! Upon further consideration of that fact, I believe I need to remind Mr.W of his husbandly requirements of flowers. Hmm...

Also received last week was this fantastic cookbook from the lovely and talented Mary of Shazam in the Kitchen! She sent this to me as a prize for correctly guessing the reason for her needing to clear out space in her freezer: a shipment of lamb!
I'm so excited! Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue features yummy-licious recipes that I can't wait to try.
So that's what's been going on around here, in addition to various cooking escapades--don't worry, more foodie posts are coming!


Lulu said...

Aw, Thundercat is so cute! I'm sure that she's having a fun time watching the geese!

I wish that the cooler weather would get here to GA already! I'm so tired of the heat!

Sam said...

Thundercat is such a cool name for a cat!

Amanda said...

Thundercat thanks you, Lulu. She likes her name, too. We have a thundercat war cry we shout around here, too. I holler, "Yeow, yeow!" and Thundercat replies with her own double-meow. Then I yell, "Thundercat," to which she replies with a single meow. It's pretty funny, actually.

And I SO miss GA's warmer weather. We turned the AC off in mid-August. Only had about 4-5 weeks of summer here this year. Boo!

Sam--thank you! I chose to name her Thundercat because of the cartoon I enjoyed as a kid called 'Thundercats.' AND it was before the movie Juno came out so it's original!

All that you imagine a Thundercat would be, my little cat is. She's very lively, and a curtain-climber to boot! Ah, well... it makes life interesting around here!

Solman said...

Gorgeous!! Your thundercat looks very cute with blue flowers.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much, Solman. Thundercat is a little cutey--that is, when she's not sneaking on the kitchen counters!

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