Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Drive in the Country

Yesterday was a rare weekday off for Mr.W, and we decided to go for a drive in the country (in spite of gas priced at $4 per gallon). It was a perfect day--sunny, not too warm and not too cold.

We found ourselves in Deansboro, NY at the Berry Hill Book Shop. Well, we call it a Book Barn, because that's what it is.

Complete with chicken coop and chickens... you can see a rooster here, and immediately to the left of that very proud (and LOUD) rooster is a wee little chicken. I tried to get a better photo but she wouldn't have it--her plumage was black-and-white speckled, with a lovely feathered crown all around her head. She was fantastic.

Anyway, the Berry Hill Book Barn is three stories of used and rare books. It's one of those dusty places where you can get lost for a couple of hours in literary ecstasy.

If you ever find yourself in Deansboro, check them out at 2349 State Route 12B in Deansboro, telephone 315.821.6188.

I bought these two books from the dollar shelves.

Check out this kitchy food styling! The picture on the right is of a nicoise salad--notice the tuna in can-shaped rounds.

We spent more time a-wandering, finally returning to our favorite movie theater for a 3:45 showing of--you guessed it--Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! We enjoyed the movie, though it had an unexpected element that was not evident in all the previews. The soundtrack was fabulous.

And might I say Harrison is looking mighty good?


Lulu said...

Oh, what a find---Heloise's Kitchen Hints! What a fabulous book!

Amanda said...

I agree, Lulu. I love Heloise's stuff!

chemcookit said...

Oh, I missed so many wonderful posts! Glad to be checking back. This book looks cool! And driving through the country - always such a nice idea :) Thanks for sharing!! And congrats on all the awesome grilled food recipes you show later. I love them :).. I'm thinking to have a barbecue outside as a birthday party for myself in July :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Marta. I'm enjoying the cookbook--I've got about 50 pages marked as "recipes to try." Definitely a good buy!

A birthday bbq sounds like a wonderful idea! There's nothing like surrounding yourself with friends on special days and feeding them! For my birthday this year we all went out for dinner, but returned to my house for homemade coconut cheesecake and coffee. Yummy! But for my husband's birthday I throw him a potluck bbq here at home.

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