Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being Sick

There's not been too much cooking going on here the last few days; Mr.W is sick with some kind of GI virus. That or food poisoning. (Not from my cooking!)

So instead of nice lunches and quiet afternoons cooking and photographing dishes for this blog, I've been making grocery runs for gatorade and chicken broth, making cups of hot tea and taking care of my man (in between mad dashes).

Thankfully tonight he finally felt hungry (after two days of not) and so he's graduated to a piece of lightly buttered toast. We're waiting to see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I'm sorry for neglecting this blog, and you. I hope you'll understand.


Chris said...

Understand? Uhhh - yeah!!! Silly girl. Get better and take of you and we'll be here when you get back.

Mary said...

Don't worry about us, take care of your man. (Ugh how Tammy Wynette of me.)

Amanda said...

Thanks Chris and Mary. (What's wrong with Tammy Wynette? "Stand by your maaaaaan...") Hehe!

I remember being in a French class and I couldn't remember the word for "mari" so I called my husband "mon homme" and the teacher (a Parisian woman) corrected me severely, indicating that it seemed to honky-tonk to refer to him as "my man." Hello! We were in Georgia!

Gloria said...

Amanda, I hope he will be Ok soon!! we wait for you.xxxxGloria

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