Friday, April 25, 2008

Being Sick, Part 2

Well it seems that I have come down with the same crud Mr.W suffered with... roles are reversed and now he is taking care of me.

Today I was able to step outside, which is nice.

So with a tender tummy, I forage on, not quite knowing what, exactly, is safe to eat without harming my progress thus far.

As of now, Gatorade's G2 is my best friend.

What do you eat when you're sick?


Mary said...

I eat scrambled eggs and toast if I have the flu and if I can get someone else to make it for me. I hope you feel better soon!

Amanda said...

Hi, Mary. Thank you--I am feeling a bit better, though still afraid of food!

Really? Eggs? My mother suggested eggs, too. I just don't know that I want eggs... they seem too... I don't know. Blech.

Don't get me wrong--I love eggs. I'm probably just being overly cautious.

I've graduated to crackers and bananas.

Gloria said...

I eat crakers and tea and water!!! I hope you will be best soon Amanda, but I think is so nice he take care you!!!!! xxx

Amanda said...

Hi, Gloria. Mmm, I'm loving crackers right now. And gatorade. Actually I'm loving their new product, G2, which is low sugar. As a diabetic, it's a nice alternative, because I do need some sugar, and if I'm not eating much, the little bit in the drink works well and keeps me out of trouble.

My husband is wonderful when it comes to taking care of me when I'm sick. There have only been a handful of occasions in the 9 years we've been married, but when I need him he really comes through. I certainly can't complain about that!

katiez said...

I always eat soft-boiled eggs with a slice of toast... It was my mother's cure-all.

Hope you are back to 100% soon!

chemcookit said...

Hey Amanda!
I have minestrina (I have a post on it), or if I feel like it, white rice with butter and parmigiano cheese for some energy, and grated carrot and grated apple salads for vitamins!

I also wanted to let you know that I have a small surprise for you on my blog. :)

Bellini Valli said...

I hope you're feeling much better by now. What I have to eat when I have had the flu might turn your stomach so I will keep it to myself...wink...wink...

Caramella Mou said...

Hi Mrs W!

So sorry to hear that you're down with the flu too. I don't really have a decent cure for that, apart from indulging in everything that I like in an excessive way, in a way to cheer me up - chocolate, crisps... Using my Gran's reasoning that I need the energy to fight off the nasty viruses.
For an upset tummy, I can recommend air popped popcorn, no fat added at all. Tastes a bit like polystyrene would probably taste, but does wonders on clearing out the stomach of anything. The pop corn machine I got from my Mum is one unitasker I'm not getting rid of.

I hope you get better soon, if you're not already better now, which would be great.

Take care,


Ellieut said...

Mom chicken soup is about the only thing i would touch once I could keep food down. I can make it myself, but hers tastes better.

How nice to see a fellow Upstate NY Blogger! Beautiful site you have here :)

Adding you to my list of inspiring blogs.

Amanda said...

I see that eggs are a common cure for tummy troubles! Not only has it been mentioned several times here in blogland, but also to me in conversations with various friends and acquaintences.

Katiez--thank you.

Marta--yay, you're back! Thank you kindly for the E for Excellent--you are so kind. Your list of foods to eat while sick make so much sense. I've never tried parmesan on rice--it sounds delightful. I'll have to try it!

Bellini--thank you! :)

Caramella--have you been sick? I am so behind on my blog-reading since being down-and-out last week! I hope you are feeling better yourself. And popcorn, huh? I've never been much of a popcorn fan, but I can imagine that it would be useful as you describe. I, too, like to munch away for energy--this time it was so much different, though. Even now, though I am much better, many foods seem to create a bit of indigestion and lots of bubbling.

Ellieut--thank you for the sweet compliment! I always love finding (or being found by) fellow New Yorkers--I have added your site to my feed as well as my little Upstate/CNY blogroll here. Chicken soup is certainly one of my favorites--I even made myself some mock pho ga that, though lacking some authenticity, did the trick well enough.

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