Monday, March 10, 2008

Breakfast for Shovelling

Sunday was a crazy, blustery day. Here's what it looked like outside at 8am:

Our entire driveway was missing under a good 18 inches of snow & drift. So Mr.W and I knew we had to get out there in the mess.

But first, we needed breakfast to fortify ourselves.

Are those some gorgeous eggs, or what?

Now y'all know that I love some grits, and my husband is surely a southern man... but in this region, my hometown, it's all about home fries. And a good, hearty breakfast is just what's needed before going out to attack the snow. So I fried us up some potatoes and onions to go with those lovely eggs. And bacon. You can't shovel without some bacon in your belly.

After eating all that, we were able to re-route the snowdrifts that had somehow blown inside our back storm door, along with the deep snow up and down the entire driveway. Mr.W found the front sidewalk and shovelled it, too.

I'm afraid I don't have a real recipe for this food... it's simple, stick-to-your-ribs food! Here's the general method:

- fry up some bacon; set on paper towels to drain

- pour off most of the bacon grease and start frying potatoes and sliced onions, adding a little butter if needed

- when potatoes are fork-tender and starting to fall apart, pan-fry eggs (with salt and pepper) as desired

This is my entry to Homegrown Gourmet #6: Breakfast hosted by Culinography. See the roundup here for lots of fabulous breakfast ideas!


culinography said...

Mmmm... home fries! Yes, please!

Excellent entry... thanks for playing along!

Mrs. W said...

Well thank you kindly... I look forward to the roundup to see all the delicious breakfasts!

Lulu said...

OMG! I can't believe all the snow!! We got snow flurries here on Saturday for a couple of hours. But of course, today it's back up in the high 60s. That's Georgia for ya!

Mrs. W said...

Yeah--it was A LOT of snow. And wind. And drifts. Took my breath away when I was out there shovelling.

The sun actually came out for a while today, which was nice.

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