Friday, January 11, 2008

Steak with Apples and Onions

My grandmother (we call her g'ma) was an Air Force Wife for many years--until my grandfather retired from the service in the late 60s.

Time warp 20-odd years, when my g'ma purchased at a neighbor's garage sale The Officer's Wife's Cookbook published by the local wives' club sometime in the 70s. This was the source of many, many disgusting meal memories.

This was not a cookbook containing delectable tidbits that are typical of such gathered recipe collections sold by clubs and churches. This was a collection of 'throw it together' meals that would only result in getting your kids to run away--and never look back.

I remember a number of the recipes, because I was required to create family meals from this book. "If it's good enough for officers, it's good enough for us."

One such horrid recipe combined canned corned beef hash, chopped fresh onions and chopped apples, served over sliced, boiled potatoes. But you added the onions and apples at the end so they're nice and crunchy.

Have I mentioned my lifelong dislike of raw onion?

This meal managed to make it to the table exactly twice. The first time, I was skeptical; after one taste I refused any more. The second time this meal was demanded I lied and said my stomach was upset. After that, my normal good behavior was replaced with obstinate refusal to cook the dish ever again. I really dug my heels in--and I think g'ma knew I was serious, because surprisingly, she didn't push it.

For years I would not even consider a dish that contained both apples and onions. Decades, even.

Until now.

The clever, talented and entertaining Robin of Around the Island recently commented on my Pomegranate Molasses post suggesting a particular recipe which included both onions and quince--but that apples could be substituted. And it sounded good.

In my haste to do something creative with the pomegranate molasses, I thought I'd experiment a bit--and I'm so glad I did. Thanks, Robin, for the inspiration! (And thanks, too, for the recipe you sent, which I do plan to try!)

Steak with Apples and Onions
serves 2

olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
salt and pepper, to taste
2 smallish steaks (the package I bought was about 1/2 pound of meat with two boneless steaks)
1 large golden delicious apple, chopped, peel left on
2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses

Heat a large skillet over a medium flame until hot; add a good glug of olive oil and tilt the pan around to distribute the oil, and toss in the onions. Saute until transparent.

Season both sides of steaks with salt and pepper to taste. Make room in skillet for steaks and drop in; sear on both sides, then add chopped apples to skillet. Drizzle in pomegranate molasses; cover and let cook until steaks reach desired doneness.

Normally I like steaks done medium or medium-plus, but I cooked these until they were well done and fork-tender, which was delightful with the caramelized onions, apple chunks and tart sauce from the pomegranate molasses. The only thing that would have improved this dish was if I had thought to sprinkle pomegranate seeds over the whole thing at the end. It would be great served with a baked potato or even on a bed of couscous.


Kathy said...

The first half of this post really made me chuckle! "If it's good enough for officers...." Heeee!

Mrs. W said...

Now I can see it as funny... but it sure wasn't back then!

It really was a gagalicious cookbook, though.

Robin said...

This looks a lot better than the stuff in that awful sounding cookbook!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks, Robin--it was, much!

katiez said...

I'm with you on the raw onions! and combined with canned hash and apples.... I'm amazed you recovered!
This sounds good, tho. I've paired apples and onions (both well-cooked) with pork but never beef... But our pork is much nicer than our beef. I may just have to give this a go!

Mrs. W said...

Katie, no doubt this recipe would be equally delicious with a nice pork chop, if not more so!

(I'm so happy to know there are other foodies out there with an aversion to raw onions.)

myfrenchkitchen said...

I can't think of anything that would make m,y husband happier than this steak with your apple and onion accompaniment, and with a salad...a delicious meal!

Mrs. W said...

Well Ronell, I sure hope your husband likes it!

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