Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kitchen Talk

It's interesting to talk to different cooks all around the globe, and in my experience, the people with minimum-sized kitchens are the ones who cook at home and entertain the most!

In my early adulthood while living in small apartments with equally tiny kitchens I cooked dinners most nights of the week (for myself and husband) AND entertained in my home.

I remember one 2-room apartment kitchen well--an American-sized refrigerator with a microwave-sized electric convection oven on top. I had to climb a step ladder to get up to it... only I didn't have a step ladder. I used a chair. I also had a 2-burner electric hot-plate for a stove. That's it, people. No dishwasher, either. Just a sink and a drain board. Not only did I cook regularly at home, I also catered parties for the husband's office. One time I prepared food for 50 for a co-ed baby shower from that tiny kitchen. (Mind you we didn't even have a car--all that food was transported by taxi!)

Then I graduated to a house. And with that house came a booming career that kept me away from home, between the commute and the busy work life and occasional travel, there was no time for cooking. And my home had a decent-sized kitchen with a dishwasher and lots of storage. But no time--so it was take-out for us for the better part of five years.

Now that we're in a much smaller home--read much smaller kitchen--I do all of those homey things I had missed. And obviously not only do I cook regularly, but I blog about it, too.

Here is my kitchen:

So tell me. How big is your kitchen, and how often do you use it?


Ann said...

My kitchen isn't large, but it isn't tiny, either. The real issues are that it's never been properly updated since it was built (prewar apartment building in Brooklyn), and came equipped with a sink (placed oddly right next to a window), a stove (placed right next to the sink) and a refrigerator. Above the sink there are three cupboards (the cheapest available at Home Depot, I'm sure) which I insisted the landlord install before I moved in. There were no counters. Nada. I won't even get into the the hideously ugly linoleum floor.

I've made it workable by buying stainless steel work tables and shelving, but pretty it isn't.

I use it constantly, of course. I'd cook in a closet if I had to. :-)

Lulu said...

I have a decent sized kitchen, but seriously, I have about as much counter space as you do!

I'm not such a good cook. You should read one of my very first posts when I started blogging about a meatloaf that I tried to bake. It was a Paula Deen recipe, but I'm pretty sure that she knows what she's doing. I, on the other hand, do not. Hence, my kitchen does not get used very much.

Ann said...

Just wanted to add that your kitchen looks way more efficiently laid-out than mine. Want to trade? :-)

Mrs. W said...

Wow, Ann. After your description I can't say that I'd like to switch kitchens with you! But my kitchen is only laid out efficiently because (a) I purchased the home from a man who flips houses for a living and knows what people want, and (b) because this is everything that could be squeezed in given it's small size.

What isn't visible in the photos are my three tv-tray tables lined against the opposite wall, upon which rests my coffee & tea self-serve station: coffeemaker for coffee, coffeemaker/hot water only for tea, creamers, sweeteners, teaspoons and a little 3-drawer organizer for various teas and tannins, with room for plenty of mugs when I'm expecting company.

I hope to one day replace the 3 tv-tray tables with some sort of shelf, under which I will stash my future small, rolling portable dishwasher. But that will have to be one petite dishwasher--there's only room for a maximum of 2' depth on the opposite wall.

Keep trying, Lulu! Practice makes perfect in the kitchen. I like some of Paula's recipes, but others I avoid--they may taste great, but I just can't do all that butter and sugar.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

My Kitchen is smaller than yours and I use it ever day.
Please check out this post, I posted there pictures of my kitchen for you... ;)


Mrs. W said...

Thanks for dropping by, Margot! I love your kitchen post. And I always enjoy reading your blog.

Mrs Mecomber said...

My kitchen is the ugliest-looking thing. I don't dare post photos for fear I'd be arrested. It was "redone" in the early 70's but started to fall apart in the 90's. Orange laminate counters, yellow/brown broken cheapo vinyl tiles... etc.

Yep, I live in the Mohawk Valley-- near New Hartford. Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to see more of you.

Great recipes here! I'll be back!

Mrs. W said...

Oh, Mrs. Mecomber, it probably isn't that bad! Besides--it's amazing what a difference a coat of paint on cabinets and some new vinyl floor makes! I hate my ceramic tile--keeping the grout clean is an impossible chore. Whenever we redo the kitchen, I'll be going for easy-clean laminate.

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