Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to Make Napkin Rolls

Have you ever gone through a buffet line and forgotten to grab a knife? Then you have to go back, fight through the hordes, just to grab a knife, oh and then maybe a spoon and a few extra napkins, just in case.

When you're serving a crowd, it's helpful to roll up some silverware in napkins--then guests can just pick up a bundle on the way to their seats. In my case, usually it's plasticware in paper napkins, but you could do the same with the good stuff.

Here's how. (Important note: I am left-handed, so keep that in mind--you may need to do this in the opposite direction.)

First, you lay out your napkins. I'm using paper beverage-sized napkins in white and red.

Next, you get a fork, knife and spoon. I like to set the curve of the fork into the bowl of the spoon with the knife in the back. Lay them with the very top of the longest piece at the top corner of your topmost napkin. Fold the bottom corner up over the bottoms of your tableware.

While holding that in place, take the left-hand side of the napkins and fold them completely over the tableware. Press it down over the right side of the tableware.

Now roll up toward the right. Secure with a ribbon. Voila! A napkin roll.

I like to place the napkin rolls at the end of the buffet line. It's also important to put out extras--at least 2 per person, plus extra loose pieces for seconds and thirds somewhere handy. Don't forget lots of little napkin piles all over the house!

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Lulu said...

Darn it! You are so smart! I wish that I would have read this before Thursday!

I'm so printing this out so that I will remember next time that I cook for the masses!

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