Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holiday Planner

While I've already been thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I haven't actually been planning well.

At least that is what occurred to me when I read Africankelli's blog post on her very organized plan. And so inspired, I thought I'd start giving my plans another look. Okay, a first look. After all, I am in charge of both holiday meals for my entire family. Add to that our yearly holiday open house party between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So let the planning begin!


Week 1

  • Finalize menu for Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Plan tablecloths, dishes, tableware, etc.
  • Buy nice napkins.
  • Assign dishes/other items for family members to bring.
  • Inventory pantry and make grocery list.
  • Rummage through coupons and sale papers.
  • Begin purchasing non-perishable items.
  • Ask brother about his in-laws meal time and plan around.
  • Call parents to invite when time for meal is established.
  • Plan a holiday craft project and invite kids from children's church.

Week 2
  • Holiday - Veteran's Day
  • Purchase groceries needed.
  • Prepare cooking/make-ahead schedule.

Week 3
  • Plan Open House menu and make guest list.
  • Pick up Mr.W from airport.
  • Purchase last-minute groceries.
  • Buy wine for Thanksgiving, Open House and Christmas.
  • Cook, cook, cook!
  • Shop black Friday - focus on Christmas gifts.

Week 4
  • Create open house invitation flyer and email out.
  • Print and deliver invites to neighbors and family without email.
  • Make icebox fruitcake for gift-giving.
  • Put up Christmas tree and decorate.
  • Hang garlands and wreath at front door.
  • Children's church craft project.

Week 5
  • Bake cookies for open house.
  • Finalize open house menu.
  • Make grocery list.
  • Prepare make-ahead and open house cooking schedule.
  • Start planning for Christmas meal.

Week 6
  • Shop for groceries for open house and Christmas meal.
  • Tidy home; rearrange furniture for open house.
  • Cook, cook, cook!

Week 7
  • Finalize Christmas shopping and wrap gifts.
  • Iron table linens.
  • Plan Christmas tablescape.
  • Prepare make-ahead and Christmas cooking schedule.

Week 8
  • Purchase last-minute groceries.
  • Cook, cook, cook!
  • Pass out from exhaustion.

Did I forget anything? Probably... but my lists change over the course of time. I'm sure this one will get bigger and bigger!


Carrie said...

WOW! you are so organized! That's a really impressive list!!

Mrs. W said...

Aha... the best laid plans... so far I'm already behind, with still some things to do from Week 1's list! *eek*

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