Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Rant: Renters Can Be So Nasty

Please allow me a few minutes to rant.

A year ago, my friend M and her husband remodeled the house that they rent to two nurses and their two kids, because they wanted to sell. The tenants (the nurses) wanted to purchase, so the remodel was done to their specifications in regard to colors, etc. A year later, and chance after chance after chance, they still had not secured a loan. M and her husband evicted them.

So now we're now in the process of cleaning up the house so that it can be put on the market.

The tenants trashed the place.

Carpet that was new last year has never been vacuumed or swept. The nurses' dog left his hair everywhere. Ceiling fans were never cleaned. Bathrooms were never cleaned. They didn't even clean out their stuff.

This experience is teaching me two main lessons: first, never rent. Ever. Second, even if a person is a nurse, it doesn't mean they live a sanitary life.

I'm horrified. Absolutely horrified. The utter filth that these folks lived in--and raise their children in--is shocking. Garbage all over the kitchen. Mice turds everywhere. Fruit flies--my Lord, the fruit flies! The old food all over the kitchen... it's ghastly. And the dog odor is like walking into a brick wall as you enter the front door! Really, truly disgusting.


Over the last few days I personally have hauled load upon load of junk from the upstairs bedrooms, I've cleaned out lower kitchen cabinets (mouse dukey and all), I've cleaned out the oven & broiler (mouse crap there, too), scrubbed caked-on dust from ceiling fans, removed paint overspray from mahogany woodwork (the one room the nurses painted themselves resulted in multitudinous drips and dribbles all over that beautiful wood). Oh!

Can I just say that I love my house? I love that my house is clean--even when my house is messy, it is clean. And free of mice.

Okay... thank you for listening to my diatribe.



W W said...

Hi Mrs. W
Sorry for your friends house. Very sad.
Me too, I like my house cleane and clutter free.

Mrs. W said...

Thanks, Watch Woman... since I wrote this post we have all been praying for these former tenants. They do need it.


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