Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quick Fix: Mock Strawberry Milkshake

Well, we're still cleaning my friends' house... so that doesn't leave a whole lot of time in my life to cook these days.

Thankfully, Mr.W has stepped up to the plate. When we haven't been able to grab a quick (and healthy!) bite out at our favorite little places in town, he's whipped up a quick meal here and there. He really is a gem.

Today I was just frothing at the mouth for something sweet--ice cream, to be specific. But my diet doesn't really allow for ice cream... even the 'no sugar added' store-bought variety has a lot of carbs. It's fine for the occasional treat, but for the weekly ice cream fix, I've stumbled across just the right thing.

Mock Strawberry Milkshake

1 cup frozen strawberries (no sugar or syrup--just the berries)
1 cup sugar-free vanilla soy milk

Combine in a blender (or, in my case, I used a regular cup and my hand blender) and puree until thick and milk-shakey.

Mmm... just right!


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