Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Farmer's Market Foray

One of my pals has a house she rents a few towns away, and is in the process of cleanup to ready the house for sale. I've been going with her... it's always good to help a friend spiffy up a house.

Along the way is our favorite farmer's market stand, where they sell the produce they've grown. In the last week I've purchased an eggplant, a hubbard squash, two spaghetti squash, a bunch of beets, three seckel pears and a large head of cauliflower, most of which I have no idea how to use or what they taste like. Well, except for the eggplant and cauliflower. I'm an old pro at those.

My first taste test was the seckel pears.

According to my internet research, the seckel pear is also dubbed the sugar pear, and is reportedly best for eating out-of-hand. That was not my experience.

They were okay, but the skin was rather thick and, well, they weren't as sweet as I'd like in a pear. Maybe they weren't ripe enough?

The size was nice, though--the perfect amount of treat. That is, if it had been the treat I had expected it to be.

Conclusion: I'd give it another try, but let it ripen a bit more to see if they truly are as sweet and delicious as everyone else seems to claim.

As for the other produce, I'd love to hear from anyone with ideas for those squash and the beets, and I'd love some new ideas for cauliflower and eggplant.



Kathy said...

Hey you!
Did you do anything w/the spaghetti squash yet? Now that we're in San Diego, I was just lamenting the other day that the spaghetti squash here are not on sale the way they would be in D.C. at this time of year. Sniff.

We use it basically as a spaghetti substitute -- prepare a great marinara or other sauce to your liking, and top the squash with it along with some parmesan...yum! I usually take the long route of cutting the squash in half lengthwise, removing seeds, placing face-down in a baking dish with some water in the bottom, and cooking for maybe 40 minutes in a 350 oven. I hear you can microwave it but haven't done that before...

Mrs. W said...

Hey, Kathy!

No spagh squash in Calif yet? Bummer... I haven't cooked mine yet, but bought a second! Well, they'll keep... in fact I think I'll hold them until it's good and cold, and then I'll have an excuse to put the oven on!

I also bought a smallish hubbard squash that I'll be experimenting with... yay!

The last time I made spaghetti squash I made it with Giada's carbonara sauce--yummy! That's a definite DO!


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