Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watermelon Cooler

I bought what I considered a small-ish watermelon at the Farmer's Market Friday, and that was a mistake. When I made the purchase, I hadn't thought about lugging it all the way back to my car.

That was a bit of a struggle. Plus I couldn't do any more shopping once the watermelon was purchased.

It was delicious, though--we munched on it for two days! Even so--and this is always the case--no matter how hard Mr.W and I try, we simply cannot eat an entire watermelon by ourselves.

Instead of letting it go bad and throwing it out, I decided to try making it into a beverage. All the remaining flesh went into a large bowl and I whirled it around with my hand blender. After pouring everything through wire mesh, I was left with five cups of glorious watermelon juice.

This is what I'll be doing from now on. It's that freaking brilliant. It could be used hundreds of ways--I'm thinking a future batch of watermelon margaritas--but I started with a simple cooler, mixed with a cup of orange juice and a generous squeeze of lime.

Yum--it was a perfect sipper for my Labor Day weekend.


Sam said...

I bet the juice would make a great sorbet too!t

Amanda said...

Ooh, sorbet... Sam, you're so right. That would be scrumptious!

Grace said...

sounds like a delightfully refreshing beverage! i rarely am able to eat an entire watermelon before it gets all mealy and icky, so i'm all over this use for it!

Amanda said...

Oh, Grace, you'll love it. Can't wait to hear the creative things you use the juice for!

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