Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunny Asian Restaurant

In Utica, New York, near the courthouse, there is this little asian restaurant called Sunny. They serve various thai, vietnamese and various pan-asian cuisine.

Now y'all know how much I love Pho, so when the opportunity presented itself to pay a visit to Sunny's, well, was there really any choice?

I wasn't disappointed.

Sunny is in a small, nondescript building on the corner of Albany and Elizabeth Streets. If driving from Genessee Street, you can follow Elizabeth Street all the way to the end; Sunny is on the left. We parked on Albany St, though they do have a small lot (entrance on Elizabeth Street only). Inside, it's clean and tidy--even the bathrooms were impressively clean.

At 11:30am mid-week, we were surprised to be the only customers. Undeterred, we sat down and ordered. The wait staff were attentive to our every wish, and hot tea and water arrived quickly. Our order didn't take long--and wow, just look at this:

Beef pho with sliced brisket.

Here is chicken pho, or Pho Ga.

Our partially-devoured plate of accoutrements. (We already had used all the lime wedges.)

It was good. Really, really good. And shortly after we began our meal, more customers arrived--obviously on their lunch break from work.

Here's a blurry photo of my brother chowing down.

The soup broth was delectable, the portions very generous, and the availability of condiments was fantastic. We like our pho hot, so the waittress brought little bowls of diced chilis in oil. That did the trick! (Though be warned--that stuff is hot!)

So if you love pho as much as I do, enjoy Thai and various pan-asian cuisine, or just want to try something new and you're in the Utica area, visit Sunny. And if you want a lunch partner, just let me know--I'd be glad to meet you there!

Sunny Asian Restaurant

530 Albany Street
Utica, NY 13501


Sam said...

I've never tried this kind of food before but it looks really tasty, it's funny how some of the best places are kind of hidden away in non-descript buildings.

SarahKate said...

Oh.MY.GOD. Your pho picture made me want to cry. I always always ate pho at this little place near my work in Sydney. Now that we've moved to the UK I can't find anything like it. I miss my pho!!

Amanda said...

Sam--you must find a vietnamese place and try this! Maybe ask at your local asian grocery?

And yes, I especially love restaurants in unexpected places. Another of my favorite places to get pho is actually a Vietnamese video rental store! :D

SarahKate--yeah, I used to eat pho a LOT at my old job. Now it's a drive, so I get it only once in a while. But you need to find some--really. Or learn to make it (which is also phun... hehe).

Grace said...

with a name like sunny, i'm automatically a fan. just saying it seems to put me in a better mood! it doesn't hurt that the food looks great. also, i must say, i love the beret. :)

Amanda said...

Grace--It is a sunny little place, no matter the weather outside!

Lol, I'll be sure to tell my brother that you like his hat! :D

Caroline@BudgetMeals said...

This looks great! Never tried anything like it, but it makes me want to! Great photos too!

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