Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Apple Season in New York

The trees are full of delicious, ripe & ripening apple harvests... and that means pies, crumbles, crisps, crispy delicious apples for eating out-of-hand, and the best of all: cider.

Our favorite place to visit this time of year is the Clinton Cider Mill in Clinton, NY.

It's an awesome place to visit--you can watch them pressing fresh cider, or just order and enjoy your favorite treats. Cider is available cold, frozen (like a slushie) or, my personal favorite, hot.

They also sell fresh cider donuts (plain and cinnamon-sugar) which are to. die. for.

Don't you just love apple season?

I'll tell you why I prefer to drink my cider hot: it controls my portions. If you are diabetic or otherwise insulin-challenged, fruit juices will really mess with your blood sugar--so by getting a small cup of hot, you're more likely to sip it, rather than guzzle it down. Mmm...

So if you're in NY state, get you some apples and a jug of cider--it's time.


SarahKate said...

That makes me so jealous! I can't seem to find any apple cider in England (except the hard stuff), and hot apple cider is my most favourite autumn treat!

Amanda said...

Oh, no SK! That's really too bad. Maybe you'll find some--have you contacted some of the other UK foodbloggers to see if they have a source?

That said, I've recently discovered English cider... hubby got some strongbow, and we quite like it!

grace said...

hot spiced apple cider is one of my favorite beverages--it just makes me happy. yes, i'll give new york one thing--its apples are awesome. :) now i'm off to see how far i am from clinton!

Sam said...

Mmmm... Hot cider is just delicious, perfect now the weather is getting colder.

Amanda said...

Grace--I think it's about 2 hours for you to Clinton... if you do decide to visit, let me know! I can meet you there!

Sam--Do you have fresh-pressed apple cider in the UK? My friend SarahKate is new to England and can't seem to find any!

Rebecca said...

I ALMOST went here a few weeks ago. It looks like a store from the outside, so I thought, "nahhh." But maybe I'll give it another look. :)

Amanda said...

Omigosh Rebecca you MUST! It's a must-experience place, really!

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