Monday, July 6, 2009

Taking This Week Off--July 6-10, 2009

It was a hard workin' weekend. The cleanup project was a major success--removal of layers of carpet & linoleum and new flooring installed. I used muscles I didn't know I had--at least I think I must have, because stuff is sore in places that I didn't know could hurt. I guess this body isn't made for hard physical labor.

Mr.W left this morning for a business trip this week, and I have a ton of fertility appointments this week while he's gone... so I'm taking this week off from blogging. I won't be doing any fabulous cooking. In fact, I think I'll mostly be eating on-the-go. I'm actually still eating that lovely brisket I made last week. Frozen in portions and defrosted as needed, that stuff is the bomb. My favorite way to snarf it on-the-go is in the style of the Piggy Potato--only with beef, obviously. A baked potato with butter, cheese, chopped meat tossed in a tiny bit of bbq sauce for flavor, a dollop of sour cream and voila--lunch or dinner, fast and delish.

If this past weekend was a holiday for you, I hope it was a happy one. If not, well, I hope it was a happy weekend anyway.

See you next week.


SarahKate said...

Enjoy your week off mate! My parents are here from Atlanta for the next two weeks and I'm thinking I might take the week off to spend time with them. Summer is the best time to play hooky and relax a bit. :)

Amanda said...

Thank you, SK! My week off from blogging was a week on for everything else! Oh, it was so busy and went by way too quickly.

I hope your time with your visiting parents is wonderful! My husband just came home from a short business trip to the ATL and he said it was HOT!

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