Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, the Horror!

It happened Saturday. My house was being fumigated, and I had packed up all foodstuffs.

Except my herb plant.

We returned into the house and as my eyes landed on my lush plant, I realized the horrible mistake I'd made. All of my beautiful herbs were poisoned.

I trimmed everything to dirt level and discarded them all. Do you think the dirt is ruined, too? Should the whole thing be trashed?

I'm really beating myself up over this one. When I'd finally had success in growing a plant--a mindless moment destroys it all.

And I was so looking forward to fried sage leaves this fall.


Sam said...

How frustrating! Hopefully they'll recover, if they do I'm sure they would be fine to eat.

Amanda said...

I am frustrated about it, Sam.

New chive sprouts are already coming up, so I'm pretty sure those are coming back. Still waiting to see about the basil, sage and dill.

I sure do hope they'll be okay to eat!

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