Monday, July 20, 2009

Breakfast at Hogwarts

Did you see the new Harry Potter film yet? We went this weekend and, while it did not fully portray the book (and what movie ever does), it was an enjoyable flick.

Mr.W and I are huge movie buffs as well as being big readers; there was no question that we'd see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Sure, there are lots of arguments from religious leaders why or why not these books and movies should be seen--however I try not to let those people determine what I do. I make those judgments on my own. That said, I do find them more gruesome than I feel is appropriate for someone under 13 or so. I was surprised at the number of very small children in the theater.

We enjoyed ourselves, though. One particular scene stuck in my mind today: it was the morning before the big Quidditch match, and Ron Weasley was dressed and ready, helmet and all. His breakfast was a sunny-side-up egg on toast, with toast points for dunking. You can barely make it out here in the photo below. You'll see it more clearly in the movieWatch the movie and you'll see it clearly.

In the spirit of the movie, I thought I'd make my own version today. My egg is done over-medium, fried in a wee bit of butter. No shining yellow yolk, but delicious nonetheless.

SPOILER WARNING for the final book - if you haven't yet read Deathly Hallows and want to, stop reading here!

I finally finished the last of the Harry Potter book series yesterday and was glad to be through it at last. I feel that, toward the end, J.K.Rowling seemed to rush it a bit. I'll offer two examples. First, there was no flourish to Hermione's destroying of the Hufflepuff cup, which I felt was necessary. And second, how on earth did Neville get the sword back from the goblins before killing Nagini? That said, I was happy to see the conclusion of the young people, set almost two decades after our favorite characters are through with school.

There's something so satisfying to finishing a book--especially when it's part of a series. I suppose that's part of why I wanted to eat a breakfast like I saw in the movie as my own little farewell. Until the final movie comes out, anyway.

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