Friday, June 26, 2009

Price Chopper Ground Beef & Sirloin Steak Recall... Possible E.Coli

We heard a disturbing message on the answering machine last night--Price Chopper, our local grocery store chain, is recalling ground beef and sirloin steaks purchased last month (hello, which I have in my freezer) due to possible E. Coli contamination.


Not only am I horrified (hello, I've been eating it), I'm concerned that I'm also going to lose money to this thing. You see, I always buy my ground meat in bulk packages and break them down myself into smaller, about 1/2-lb sized packs and then load everything into my freezer. The old packages are long gone--but the meat is still in the deep freeze. I only hope they'll honor the recall.

I'll be updating this to notify about what they're willing to do as far as my situation is concerned--I can't imagine I'm the only person who does this. Their policy in this matter will strongly determine whether or not I continue to shop there.

If you're a Price Chopper customer, check their product recall page for more information.

Nice way to start the weekend, eh?

UPDATE of Saturday, June 27, 2009: I took my re-wrapped packages of ground meat to the customer service desk at my local Price Chopper. They weighed it and refunded me the equivalent cash value. I'd say that's more than fair, considering the product has no labels to prove my date of purchase or that I even bought it there.


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