Thursday, April 9, 2009

Piggy Potato

There's this restaurant in Hiram, GA, the very Atlanta suburb where I once lived, called Jim n'Nick's. It's a bbq joint that has really, really good grub. Really. It was only in Hiram for about a year before I left, but we went often, particularly for their Pig in a Potato Patch.

The photo above doesn't adequately describe how huge this thing really is. The baked potato is the size of your head! Filled with butter, sour cream, thick-and-crispy bacon, bbq'd pork (naked or with sauce) and cheese, this is a heart attack waiting to happen. And it's sooo good!

As artery-clogging as those things must be, I've been dreaming about 'em. A lot. Knowing myself, and knowing this craving wouldn't go away anytime soon, I decided to make some for dinner, with my own little twist.

Here's my version, the Piggy Potato. A normal-sized baked white potato stuffed with fried sliced ham doused in bbq sauce, butter, sour cream, shredded montery jack cheese and crispy-fried shallots. And while it wasn't exactly the same, it was darned good!

Try it. You'll like it.


Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Wow, this sounds GOOD. You're making me crave just reading about it. I like your addition of shallots.

I'm glad you want to participate in Vintage Recipe Thursday. I can only imagine how many recipes are in that "huge" edition of the Household Searchlight. Mine is rather slim, but they managed to fit thousands of recipes. Do participate! I look forward to your contributions. :-)

Don't forget my Joy Of Chocolate Roundup on April 20th either. It will be delicious!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Joy!

I think the shallots definitely elevate the dish... well, as much as one can, that is!

I must've missed your Joy of Chocolate announcement! Oh, no! Good thing my ice cream maker arrived... :D

Sam said...

I've never seen a baked potato that looked so good!

Amanda said...

Why thank you, Sam! I bet it would be even more delicious with the addition of some of your home-cured bacon...

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