Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Did A Bad, Bad Thing

I finally succumbed to the Angry Whopper yesterday.

It's all Catherine's fault, really. I was vaguely amused by the commercials but not all that tempted--until I read her article, that is.

This mega-sandwich (I had the single burger--I cannot imagine anyone being able to consume the triple)--is a hamburger patty topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, jalapeƱos, mayo and spicy "Angry Sauce."

It was pleasantly spicy, and very filling. There was a lot going on, though. I didn't even notice there was cheese--I only read about it afterward. The mayo, angry sauce and various bits plopped out and slid down my wrists. Normally I'd count this as a good thing, but this time the dripping innards made it difficult to snarf this unruly beast.

Even so, I liked it.

You can expect horrific nutritional value in such a monster. Behold:

The single angry whopper has 880 calories, 55g of fat (of which 18g are from saturated fat and 2g are trans fat), 110mg cholesterol, a whopping (pun intended) 1670mg sodium, 59g carbohydrates (3g dietary fiber and 13g of sugar--where in the world they put sugar I'll never know) and 37g protein. It's not as bad as my long-lost beloved Thickburger, but close enough.

It's a good thing we walked, huh?

I can't say that I'll eat it again anytime soon, though. Perhaps if they offered the same sandwich in their Junior version I'd go for it--this was just too much.


Dragon said...

Everything in moderation, darling, even moderation. :)

Amanda said...

That is indeed sage advice, Dragon.

Kathy said...

Oooh, a junior version would be perfect. Good idea. Alas, I doubt they will ever actually do that...

Amanda said...

You never know, Kathy. Hardee's started out with their Thickburger (1600 calories or so and oh-so-worth every one) and now after several years of success with it have come with a smaller version... I'm hopeful for a angry whopper jr.

katiez said...

I can't believe you ate that! Harrumph!!!
God, I hope they still have them when I'm there next summer. I haven't had a proper, stuff running down the wrists, burger in yonks!
Don't care if I have to roll out of there!
Well done!

Amanda said...

Katiez--they seem to be going over quite well if one can believe the buzz going 'round. I suspect they'll become a regular menu item. I hope so--for your sake! :)

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