Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mrs.W's Kitchen... on the Air!

Great news! Jenn and Lynnae have invited me to be a guest on their upcoming live blog talk radio show, Frugal Coast2Coast next Monday, March 30th. The topic: Special Diets--Without Going Broke.

I'll be talking about diabetic eating on a budget. Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl will talk about gluten-free living. It should be an interesting show, so be sure to tune in at 8:30 pm US Eastern time. You can even call in with questions during the show by calling 646.716.5529.

But don't worry--if you can't listen in live, 20 minutes after the show airs you can also listen on demand via iTunes or at the website. I'll also post a button here.

I'm so excited!


Edited March 30, 2009: Here is the player to listen after-the-fact. Content will change to the most current show:


Sam said...

Wow that's great! Obviously I can't listen live but I'll be sure to listen in on iTunes!

Carrie said...

YAY!!! Thank you SO much for suggesting me to Jenn and Lynnae!! I can't wait to "meet" you! ;-) have a great week! Will add your name to my post ASAP, I had a blonde moment when I was doing that post in not mentioning your name to begin with!!! ;-)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Sam!

Carrie--my pleasure, girl! And no worries at all about your post--I never expected you to add me, as well.

Mary said...

That's fantastic exciting! I'm in school at 8:30, but I'll check back for the link!

Amanda said...

Hi, Mary! I'm started to get a wee bit nervous.

I've posted the player so you can listen whenever y'all can.

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