Thursday, January 8, 2009

HFCS Commercials: Don't Believe the Propaganda

Have you seen those Corn Syrup commercials? Do they bother you as much as they do me? Here's one of them:

Hello! High Fructose Corn Syrup is:

- A genetically-modified Frankenfood
- Causes blood sugar to spike much more than regular sugar

Here's a clever spoof of the offending commercials:

It's true. HFCS is in thousands of products on American grocery shelves, not just sweet treats. For example, HFCS is found in:

- ketchup, bbq sauce and other condiments (major brands as well as generics)
- jarred spaghetti sauce and other tomato products
- breakfast cereal
- non-dairy coffee creamers

To eat high-fructose corn syrup in moderation would be difficult for the indiscriminant shopper/eater, indeed.

Corn syrup is useful in candy-making. But let's keep it there, shall we? Don't be fooled by propaganda.

I love the American farmer. I love corn and many corn products, such as grits, polenta and hominy. But we don't need HFCS in everything, and that's just that.


Mary said...

Excellent post! I actually feel pretty good (annoyed too) when I see the HFCS commercials because I figure the people putting them out are hurting because enough people are trying to avoid it.

Amanda said...

Thank you; and I suspect you're right, Mary. They've got to be feeling the effects of our refusal of this particular GMO in our food.

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

You are so right about the evils of corn syrup. It even causes tumors and a whole slew of health problems. It is very hard to escape as so many name brands have taken the cheaper route to use corn syrup instead of simple syrup made with sugar. They also prefer corn syrup because it is addictive and makes our brains think we are still hungry and craving products laced with corn syrup.

Even for candy making, you can use simple syrup or honey. Honey will last indefinitely in your cupboard and simple syrup will last at least several weeks in your refrigerator. As the name says, it is simple to make. All it is is sugar and water simmered on the stove.

Amanda said...

Thank you, Joy. Excellent points!

Sandie said...

I agree. You've really got to be cognizant of what ingredients are in prepared foods. HFCS lurks in many typical, pantry items that most people use day-to-day, without even thinking about it. Once you become aware of how much HFCS you may be incidentally consuming, it's hard not to think of the impact and nutrient consequences of all foods you end up buying and consuming.

Amanda said...

Sandie, you are exactly right.

Even further, meals at friends homes that contain seemingly innocent ingredients can be fraught with corn syrup and other undesirable additions. Until I got to know better the ingredients a friend was using, I was unknowingly consuming HFCS at her house, in things like pizza (her brand of jarred spaghetti sauce) and soup (brand-name canned diced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar). I've stopped eating her food altogether!

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