Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food Failures

I had all these plans. Big, big plans. Plans for bar cookies and fudge, plans for pineapple curd and tartlet shells.

And yesterday morning I went to work at it. I made coconut-white chocolate fudge on the stove. While it was cooling I made my favorite bar cookie recipe. You know--those cookies your friends always ask for at Christmastime.

The cookies failed. I think it was because I used a different pan. The old glass one broke on my stupid ceramic-tile floor.

Then I made the pineapple curd. What could be simpler? You combine everything & whisk on the stove until thick. So I whisked, and whisked, and whisked. And it all turned to lumps. Pineapple-flavored scrambled eggs, if you will.

Later, when I pulled the fudge out of the refrigerator to cut into pieces, it was too soft. The flavor was outstanding--but it didn't set up properly.

The fudge above was so absurdly squishy that I even tried rolling it
in more loose coconut--it still flattened at room temperature. Bummer.

It was enough to make me throw my hands up in surrender. No more cookie- or candy-making this year!

And for dinner, Mr.W brought home fast food. No sense in causing us both to suffer through whatever horrible meal was destined to come out of the kitchen last night. I was obviously having a bad food day.

Our holiday party is scheduled for this Saturday, so it'll be a tray of store-bought cookies for them! Oh, well. There are worse things in life than having a bad day in the kitchen.

It still ticks me off, though.


SarahKate said...

I'm making 3 kinds of cookies tomorrow, so let's hope I don't share in your cookie curse! Though, I have to say, all three of the things you tried to make sound delicious!

Sam said...

WE all have those days! The fudge sounds great though, I'm sure it's worth trying again!

Anonymous said...

Runny fudge reminds me of many years ago when I tried o make fudge and it didn't set up a all so we walked down James St dipping poop consistency fudge out of plastic sandwich bags. Ahh memories!


Amanda said...

SarahKate--I hope your cookie-making turned out well! Can't wait to read about them on your blog.

Sam--it's good to know it's not just me. :) The fudge WAS good, it just wasn't firm enough. I sent it to my husband's office and they ate it for breakfast, with raves all-around. Of course it was straight from the fridge... definitely worth another try, that one!

Oh, Z. Does your mother know about this? I am glad to say I was never part of your fudge-making experiments! See you & the Mrs later today.

Srivalli said...

thats bad...but I guess that sure next time the cookies will turn out great!

Amanda said...

I'm afraid it does happen sometimes, Srivalli. We all have our bad kitchen days, and that's why take-out restaurants are in business! :)

I must add a correction to my previous comment that I was not part of my friend Z's former failed fudge-making experiment, and evidently I was. But it was when we were 12 and I don't remember it. :P

Hippolyra said...

I irrationally want to cry when things go wrong, I know it happens to everyone but I always seem to take it personally and think because one thing goes wrong that I cannot cook at all.

Amanda said...

I know what you mean, H. In the past I've gone on lengthy cooking absences for just that reason--but in the end, I decided it was just one of those things and I needed to press forward! After all, I can NOT rely on Mr.W to feed me meals that are both good for me AND tasty! :)

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