Monday, December 8, 2008

13 Foodie Finds for Under $30

Having trouble finding an affordable holiday gift for the foodie on your list? Here are 13 fabulous foodie finds for under $30 USD. I hope this will spark your imagination, or at least give you some things to add to your own wish list!

Peeled Snacks has an interesting line of natural and organic dried fruit and nut products with no added sugar or oil--and very clever names! Click here to view all of their products priced at under $25, such as the Picks Sampler for $17.99.

Edible silver and gold are easy ways to add instant elegance to any kitchen creation. Easy Leaf Products has a number of options, including booklets of 12 or 25 leaves of silver ($24 to $26), 100mg shaker of edible 23kt gold powder/sprinkles ($23), and a booklet of 4 gold leaves ($25).

Bourbon Barrel Foods has an array of interesting and inexpensive products, including Bluegrass Soy Sauce ($3 and $5), Worcestershire Sauce ($3.95), Kentuckyaki Sauce ($5.95), Smoked Paprika ($6.95-$15.95), Smoked Peppercorns ($5.95-$14.95), Smoked Sea Salt ($7.95-$16.95), Bourbon Vanilla Sugar ($5.95), Barrel-Aged Bourbon Vanilla ($8.95), and Blueberry, Bourbon Vanilla and Kentucky Sweet Sorghum ($7.95-$8.50). Also check out their gift sets priced from $7 to $17.50.

If candy is on your list, Mouth Party Caramels might be just the right gift. They feature a number of droolworthy products, including the very very NOW sea salt caramels. Products are priced from $.50 to $22.

One of my favorite online shopping locations is The Spice House. Every foodie would be pleased with any number of their products. Some on my wish list include Whole Vietnamese Cinnamon ($5.25-$18.99), Cassia Buds ($2.29-$22.99), Chocolate Extract ($7.99-$25.29), Aleppo Pepper ($3.29-$16.99), Whole Fennel Seeds ($1.29-$6.99), Smoked Hot Spanish Paprika ($3.59-$16.99), Himalayan Pink Salt ($2.99), and Mexican Vanilla Beans ($2.29-$6.29).

There are any number of cookbooks available, but one that’s on every cook’s list (if they don’t have it already) is The Flavor Bible, currently listed at $23.10.

For the insulin-challenged sweet-loving cook in your life, consider Whey Low—my favorite sugar substitute. They have too many products to list here, and at many price levels starting at $9.99 and gift certificates as low as $15.

Tastebook is a fun way to create a professional cookbook from your own and other favorite
recipes. You can purchase one that’s already been put together by others, or give a gift certificate (starting at $25) so your loved one can make their own.

Wrapables has a huge selection of fun and useful kitchen items, like the Pink & Black Damask Apron ($29.95), or how about this cutey-patootey egghead egg frypan & spatula set ($13.95) for the new cook or graduate?

Know someone who’ll be travelling to New York, London or San Francisco anytime soon? Check out the groovy Mappetite ($14).

The hothead in your life will appreciate this oh-so-clever Chile Grill ($24.99 and up). I’m lovin that little piggy!

We mustn’t forget our good friends at Country Bob’s! This Christian company will ship within the US’s contiguous 48 states at no additional charge—and their All-Purpose sauce is definitely a favorite condiment in our house. Prices start at $8.

If you know someone who believes the mantra, “Everything tastes better with bacon,” or even if you have a vegetarian on your list, Bacon Salt ($4.49 for a shaker) is a tasty, vegan, kosher product that provides that delivers bacony flavor. Or you could just make yourself taste like bacon with their bacon lip balm, $3.99.

**This is not a paid post and my opinion only as to the suitability of these gift ideas for the food-lover in your life.**


Mary said...

What terrific gift ideas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mrs W! That tastebook is a very interesting idea :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda,

Wonderful foodie gift ideas. May I add another to the list?

Naturally infused salts are all the rage these days. A culinary duo in Seattle makes artisan Secret Stash Sea Salts that run the gamut of unique flavor profiles such as Pinapple Cumin Chili, Vanilla, Soy, Lavender Rosemary, Coconut Garam Masala, Apple 5-Spice, Almond Cardamom, Nicoise Olive, and Bloody Mary. If you can't find a salt that you want, then you don't want salt!

They also offer 3 salts for the price of 2 for the holidays.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Mary! :)

Merry Christmas to you, Maryann.

Thanks for the infused salt suggestion, Anonymous--another great idea!

anudivya said...

OMG! I love that pink and black apron! so pretty! I wish I could have one.

Amanda said...

Excellent taste, Anudivya! I, too, am particularly fond of that apron. :)

Sam said...

Great list Amanda, I would love the bacon lip balm Mmmm...

Amanda said...

Lol, Sam! You would be a bacony, bacony gentleman! :)

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