Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!

Today--Tuesday, November 4, 2008--is Election Day in the United States. In a matter of hours we'll all know who will be the next President and Vice President.

Whatever your political views, I hope you'll get out there and vote. It's our right--one that many have died to protect. I'll be joining the hustle and bustle today, myself. It's exciting!

I've inserted a fun widget so we can all enjoy the race. May the best candidates win!

Know Your Voting Rights - State by State
CNN Voter Hotline
Ballotpedia: A breakdown of all the measures where you live.
Saturday Night Live's Election Headquarters


Anonymous said...

Very cool widgets, Amanda :)

Amanda said...

Why, thank you, Maryann!

Michele@FineFuriousLife said...

My first vote ever. (It's the first time I've ever lived in the US during an election, and been eligible.) Man, that felt cathartic.

Amanda said...

Hooray, Michele! Congratulations on your first ever vote!

Sam said...

Obviously I can't vote but I'm keeping an eye on the results. Exciting stuff!

Amanda said...

It might sound ego-centric of me, but the US presidential outcome effects the whole world--exciting, indeed!

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